Protection Ritual Kit | Remove Negativity, Remove Fear, Protect Your Energy

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1x Protection Ritual Guide
1x The Eye luxe candle (180g | 20+hr burn time)
1x Protect Essence - Auric Spray
1x Black Obsidian tumbled stone

Our Protection ritual kit provides the tools that you will need to bring in energetic protection and shield yourself from harm. 

  • The Eye luxe candle -  The Eye is always watching, and reflecting back negativity, jealousy and ill-wishes. Keep this candle in your home to energetically protect you from harm; burn it with blissful and peaceful intention. The Eye is your personal talisman against evil, negativity, jealousy and bad luck. We come from a lineage of healing women who can remove the evil eye curse via various ancient methods. We have blessed each of these candles with the same spiritual protective removal methods that we perform when we treat an individual that has the curse.
  • Protect Essence - Harmonised with our signature uplifting combination of orange, neroli and herbs, our beautiful, strong Protect essence will help you to feel more grounded and will assist in energetically blocking negativity. We have paired this essence with Black Tourmaline, which you will find in the bottom of your vessel. Black Tourmaline is a protective stone, which assists in lessening fear and encourages a positive attitude.
  • Black Obsidian tumbled stone -  Black Obsidian is a stone of deep soul cleansing. She helps you to uncover your own inner demons and deepest, darkest truths; nothing is hidden from Black Obsidian. Formed from volcanic lava, she is powerful and works without boundaries or limitations. Having a glass-like structure, Black Obsidian is nature's mirror; encouraging one to look within themselves to reveal their inner self, shadow self and subconscious beliefs. She blocks harmful intentions and shields negativity from entering your aura. Black Obsidian is especially helpful in removing blockages from the past.

Pair these tools with your solid intention and follow our guide, or make it your own! You will be able to conduct a powerful ritual that will help you to harness the energy you need. 

You know how the saying goes: nothing works unless you do. Keep putting yourself in optimal energy by performing your rituals, and keep doing the necessary work to make changes in your life.