Tarot Thursday Instagram Reading | One Question

Tarot Thursday Instagram Reading | One Question

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got a simple question? get your reading on insta

If you follow WIKAN on insta, you would know that on Thursday, we read tarot. Thursday's are an opportunity for you to get a better feel of your situation, or perhaps you would like some clarity on something that's been bugging you - whatever it is, I'm here to help you.

A reading with me is always about growth, betterment and love. However, I do recognise that readings may bring up uncomfortable feelings for some people. If you're not ready to delve into a full reading just yet, there's absolutely no judgement. When you're ready, I'll be here. But for the meantime, if you would still love some of my guidance, but aren't quite ready to invest in a face-to-face or online reading with me, this Energy Snapshot is perfect for you!

General, or vague questions are for longer verbal readings, and are not included in this reading.
X "am I where I am meant to be?"
X "am I making the right decision?"
X "when am I getting positive changes?"
"When" questions should also be avoided.

This reading is for ONE specific, direct question only.

✓ "Not sure if this new guy is good for me. Should I spend my energy on him?"
✓ "I'm very stressed, anxious and frustrated at work. Should I leave my job?"
✓ "My ex boyfriend will not leave me alone; how can I best navigate this situation?"
 "I have issues with my friend group. Are they the people I should be surrounding myself with?"

Your specific and direct question will be given a typed response via our Instagram story, shared anonymously, as always. The WIKAN instagram account is: @wikandesigns and you will be able to view your reading online for 24 hours once it is posted.

I can't wait to read for you!

Please click here to view our Reading FAQ’s for more information.

got a complex issue?

book in your personal reading

Tarot Thursdays are for those that would like to receive quick, digestible advice for their relatively simple questions. If your situation is more complex, you would benefit from a face-to-face or online reading.

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