The Arcana Collection

Blended with high quality essential oils, candles within the Arcana Collection have aromatherapy and spiritual benefits upon their use. Not only do they have the ability to calm a tired mind and body, these beautiful handcrafted candles calm, align and restore our spirit through the revitalisation of our chakras.

Smell is such a powerful sense. To explain what we mean: when we smell lavender, rose and other scents of the sort, we often find ourselves in an inexplicable state of calm. This is because scent has the power to make us FEEL.

Candles in this collection are so special and so close to our hearts. They are made from our pure soy wax and blended with pure high quality essential oils. Our candles are blessed in the process of being hand-poured on the night of a full moon; which allows for the strength and honesty of the full moons’ energy to be captured in our candles. They each come with a manifestation ritual along with a clear quartz crystal, which is excellent to use when meditating and will assist in the balancing of our chakras. Each scent is formulated to revitalise and realign our energy from within.

We have 13 different healing formulae in the Arcana Collection, which are all named after divination cards; all of which correspond to each of our chakras. You can, of course, burn these candles for purely relaxation purposes, as with any other candle in any of our collections; but we have formulated these candles for the purpose of healing the body, mind, and spirit.

16 products

16 products