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"I am powerful beyond belief.
I am wild.
I trust my intuition.
I am Freyja. I am woman."

Freyja is the Norse goddess of warfare, witchcraft and fertility. She had the ability to influence fate and was considered the ruler of magic. Freyja unapologetically owned her powers and actively shared her gift with the gods and subsequently, the world. She supervised battles, could assist with fertility and was brought into the world having an unmatched understanding of the divine secrets related to witchcraft and the ancient Runes.

Freyja’s essence kindly whispers, 'do the work today and you will soon reap the rewards'. Her attitude and style associated her with wealth. She sports a golden necklace, called a Brísingamen, making her the envy of her peers. True to her energy, Freyja is scented with patchouli, bergamot, pear and jasmine, capturing her power and opulence.

May Freyja serve as a reminder to always honour your intuition. Goddess energy is within ALL women. Call upon Freyja to help you in times of need, and allow her to awaken and assist you in harnessing your own power.

Please note:
Colour varies between each batch.

WARNING: As your goddess body candle burns, the wax will run down her body, and eventually, she will melt down completely. Always burn your goddess body candle on a fireproof surface that is able to hold her wax pool - ie. a plate/bowl. As always, follow our candle care and safety guidelines.