Celestite Raw | Uplifting, Connection to Guides, Peace

Celestite Raw | Uplifting, Connection to Guides, Peace

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Celestite, as the name suggests, is a crystal that is strongly associated with the celestial realm. Raising your frequency, Celestite actively connects us to higher realms and is fantastic for connecting to your guardian angels and guides. She assists one in tapping into their intuition and inner knowing by developing a trust within oneself. Encouraging a sense of peace and belonging, she has a comforting energy that affirms your place in this universe. Celestite is powerful in releasing stress, fear and anxiety, inspiring one to return to a calm, centred and balanced energy. Amplify this energy by pairing Celestite with your favourite WIKAN luxe vegan candle that speaks to your needs.

We intuitively choose your crystal, just for you.

The following size is a guide only. It is measured at the widest/longest points of our crystals.

~ 4.5cm - 6cm