Black Obsidian Double Terminated Wand | Soul Cleanser, Power, Remove Blockages

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Black Obsidian is a stone of deep soul cleansing. She helps you to uncover your own inner demons and deepest, darkest truths; nothing is hidden from Black Obsidian. Formed from volcanic lava, she is powerful and works without boundaries or limitations. Having a glass-like structure, Black Obsidian is nature's mirror; encouraging one to look within themselves to reveal their inner self, shadow self and subconscious beliefs. She blocks harmful intentions and shields negativity from entering your aura. Black Obsidian is especially helpful in removing blockages from the past.  She is connected to the root chakra, and helps to strengthen one's connection to source. Amplify the energy by pairing her with your favourite WIKAN luxe vegan candle that speaks to your needs.

We intuitively choose your crystal, just for you.

The following sizes are a guide only. They are measured at the widest/longest points of our crystals.

Large: ~9cm - 10.5cm (L) x ~3cm (W)